Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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As many of us know, within the legal sector there are hundreds of challenges we face. This could be lack of inclusion, academic struggle and so much more. Everyone has their own preferences for how to face a challenge in life. However, there are a few good tips and tricks to follow when the going gets tough. 🍀Make a plan - Unless you set a plan for targets and goals you will never have a clear aim of what you want to achieve. So set goals and make a plan. This helps to monitor what you have achieved! 🍀Know your not alone - On a daily basis we all face struggles, the key to overcoming them is to understand and share your struggles. The legal sector is so competitive - so most likely someone in the community has faced those struggles. Open up and get help! 🍀Ask for help - Many have anxiety about asking for help as we don't want to look ’silly’ but you will find if you have a question someone is thinking the same thing! So always ask nothing is to DUMB of a question. 🍀Feel your feelings (don't try to hide) - This is something we all struggle with when facing a challenge. Take advantage of this community we have grown to gain help. I have found so many people who have helped me with struggles. #llb #law #uni #lpc #gdl #ulaw #degree #university #wellbeing #positivity #challenges

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