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🌟 NATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP WEEK 🌟 During my final year of college I was uncertain on which path to take, the only thing I did know is I wanted a degree and to work in law. I started as a Paralegal Apprentice in September 2017. Fast-forward to 2021, I am 1 year into a Solicitor Apprenticeship, which means I will get my LLB and qualify all without incurring the cost of a student loan. Back in 2017 there was little information about the non-traditional route into law. So, as a helping hand to anyone who might be thinking of this career my dms are open! Apprenticeship Myth Busters ❌ Apprenticeships are only for ‘trades’ - There are a number of apprenticeships in academic subjects, including, law, business and veterinary! ❌ You will be stuck doing the ‘boring’ stuff - many apprenticeships the in the legal sector rotate seats, meaning you get a broad view of the firm. Plus, it’s very handy to know all the boring stuff. ❌ You will have no time - sure, working full time and studying is challenging, however, with good time management I have time to exercise, socialise (pre-covid) and time to myself. ❌ Apprenticeships are for those who didn’t get good enough grades for uni - my offer to study law at my firm choice university was BBB. I achieved Distinction*DistinctionAB in my a-level studies. ❌ Apprenticeships don’t lead to a full time job - many apprenticeships are on a temporary contract, most develop into permanent contracts. If not, you will have gained a wealth of experience and a qualification making a move within the industry easy! ❌ You need to go to college or university - for most, this is not the case. Both of the apprenticeships I have done were at distance learning, meaning all the content I needed was readily available online for access anywhere! With my Solicitor Apprenticeship I do also get access to my local ULaw campus for use as and when I like (campus visits are currently not allowed due to covid) The past 3 years have been an experience and a learning curve. If you have any questions please do comment or dm. #nationalapprenticeshipweek #nationalapprenticeweek #notgoingtouni #apprentice #legalapprentice #law #ulaw

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