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🍨// Good afternoon bees. Hope we’re all having a good Friday. I know some of us like myself are currently going through the Legal Writing Assessment. Just in case some of you haven’t seen but there has been an email from ULaw about a mistake in someone’s shareholding for the legal writing assessment. They have therefore extended the deadline til 3pm tomorrow. I’m determined to get this done and submitted tonight. I’m actually happy with what I’ve got to write about. On other matters, I’ve got ice cream. I usually tend to eat Ben and Jerry’s (Phish food being my absolute favourite) however, I wanted a change. I hope this Kitkat icecream is good! What’s your favourite flavoured icecream?🍦 I shall post soon! Good luck to those who are completing their assessment! #law #lawblog #icecream #kitkat #exam #assessment #legal #lawstudent #studyspace #textbook #lpc #solicitor #ulaw

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