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⚖️QUESTIONS YOU COULD GET ASKED IN A PARALEGAL INTERVIEW⚖️ Hello bees! Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week! From the poll, this was the most voted to do first. As some of you know, I was nearly made redundant in my job but was redeployed! During that time, I was applying for jobs and attended a few paralegal interviews as one of the solicitors at my work recommended to do so to help gain a training contract and to get that client experience. I had two interviews within my work. One was for a Medical Negligence and the other was for Motor (Road Traffic Accidents). I had received feedback from the Med Neg position and what had stopped them from offering me the role, was the mode of study with the LPC. I’ve sat down and took my mind back at what they had asked me during the interviews. Because I was internal, I didn’t have to answer why I wanted to work for that particular law firm. So if you’re an external candidate, research into the law firm! Look at any awards they’ve achieved, what departments of law they do, any cases that were dealt from that firm that made to the news and the history of the firm. Then from there, apply it to your own morals. So if the firm does a lot for charities, mention times when you have fundraised or helped with donations. I found when I answered the interviewer’s questions, my answers actually flowed to the next question they would ask. They would just ask me to expand. Some firms may ask you what work you think a Paralegal in that specific department does in a day. Some firms will tell you what the job entitles and your responsibilities per day. I would still think about what a paralegal does in the office. As a paralegal, it’s more than just attending court and seeing clients, you will draft documents, talk to new potential clients (sometimes called new enquiries), complete tasks on your supervising solicitor’s behalf, meetings, talking to experts or other third parties, researching... The list is endless! Comment below if you are a paralegal and what your tips would be during an interview. Feel free to comment if you’re having an interview for this role! If so, I hope these questions help you! Good luck!

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