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5/8 exams done. It's been a long month preparing for exams but I am hoping it will all be worth it. Top tips for the LPC: ✔specimen and mock points to note take them in. They are really helpful to help you structure your answers in the open book exam. ✔ go over the Test and Feedback questions- helpful for closed book exam. ✔bring food and water to the exam. 3 hours is actually a long time. You don't want to be dehydrated or hungry. ✔ go over workshop tasks and make sure you organise your folder in a way you can find any task that you need very quickly. ✔time is precious so knowing where your notes are for each topic is crucial ✔take some breaks. As important as it is to be prepared it's also important to let your mind and body rest and recharge. Having two exams in one day can be mentally and physically exhausting. Don't feel guilty for taking an afternoon off. That's it for me. I will be taking the rest of this afternoon off. And start my Dispute Resolution Prep tomorrow. I am also picking my books for my electives but that's another story.... #lpc #ulaw #exams #motivation #workshops #studying #studywithme #stationerylover

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