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u_law #UInspire #Bristol The person who inspires my career goals has also inspired me as a woman. Baroness Hale embodies the power of overcoming gender obstacles, to rule with fairness and treat others with kindness. Baroness Hale has advocated for the representation of women and has promoted the importance of racial equality in the judiciary and beyond, as “those with less privileged lives” can bring with it a deeper understanding of what it is to be a member of today’s society and the financial and social struggles that come with it. She has made herself accessible, and as a member of ELSA and a student at the University of Exeter, she has visited the University to discuss constitutional issues with law students, discussing our thoughts with us as equals. Baroness Hale, as the first female President of the Supreme Court, has blazed a path for all of us to follow. She has given us representation the previously unattainable world of law, where, until 100 years ago, women were not permitted to even practice law. To study law and to follow the path that Lady Hale and other incredible women have created for me is an honor, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Lady Hale has given me confidence that I deserve a place in the legal system, as a lawyer, a barrister, a judge and that every voice matters. Thank you u_law for this opportunity.

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