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⚖️ LPC: Term one materials ⚖️ Ahhhhhhh it's finally happening. A couple of days ago I received two big boxes of text books, work books and other course materials. Apparently I still have another box to come, and that's just for the first term (or at least, just for my core modules, which run during term one, and for my skills module, which runs in both terms one and two I believe). It was super exciting to finally get more info about my course in the last couple of weeks, but also really daunting. It's not like university where you have first year to work out what works well for you- the LPC is only a year long, so I have just one shot! This morning I opened up all the packets of paper and sorted them into folders... I'll need to get some more soon already 😅 I've also set up my new OneNote notebook- I used OneNote in my first two years at uni, so I know how it works and I prefer having all of my notes saved automatically in the same place, rather than in different documents. I hope to work out the best ways for making my notes quickly, to save myself stress later on 😬 So now all that's left for me to do is start my prep work. Now that's a scary thought 😳 Good luck to everyone starting the LPC this year! 🍀

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