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✍️ LPC: Prep work ✍️ In the last few days I've moved on from sorting all the admin LPC stuff (filing course materials, reading intro guides etc) to making headway on the list of required pre-course work. The online system is a bit confusing with bits of work in different places, so I've just made this list to keep me more on track 📄 Last night it really started to hit home how much work is going to be involved with the LPC, and ngl I was a bit spooked. I'm not afraid of hard work, and I've been joking about how much work the LPC will be, but last night was my first real taste of it. Despite going on my summer break tomorrow, I'm already feeling the summer relaxed vibes dissipating rapidly... I'm hoping that, just as with my degree and anything new, once I actually get started and into the rhythm of the course I'll start to feel less daunted. Once I work out what I can read quickly and what I need to make more detailed notes on, I'll definitely feel more secure. Right now I've just been highlighting the reading and writing down answers to the questions, but I'm thinking of making some notes too. A table of legislation sounds like a good idea 💡 Anyone else this daunted at the start of the LPC? I'm excited to take this next step but equally scared at the dwindling state of my comfortable student life 😬

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