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I failed BLP by 5 marks the first time I did it. This was was a shocker to me because it didn't seem that hard when I was studying. However, after reading the feedback from my exams, I realized that it wasn't that I did not know the content but that I did not explain the content properly. So to counteract that this time around, I am ensuring that I use Ulaw's template in answering my questions. I didn't pay much attention to those the first time around because I got lazy when I used only the Buddy notes. Those notes are CONCISE and don't give a full understanding of the topics. It is still very much helpful but if I can give some suggestions to improve, it would be to include more templates on how to actually answer the exam questions. #legalpracticecourse #resit #blp #ulaw #lpc #Lordhelpme #positivity

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