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👩🏼 💻 the GDL research project 👩🏼 💻 ▪️ this is an optional module in the 2nd semester of the gdl. it’s completely independent and involves researching an area of law and writing a 4,500 essay 📄 ▪️ there were so many topics to choose from, everything from: commercial, immigration, media, employment, mental health, tax etc with more than one question under each topic. so, there are enough options to find something that interests you. i chose to do the cohabitation law question 👨 👩 👧 ▪️ i enjoyed the chance to learn more about a new area of law, though because it is self-taught it can feel stressful at points as the lack of guidance can make you wonder if you’re taking the right direction with your research etc 😂 but overall i like that it wasn't taught because i could do it in my own time, at my own pace ▪️ if you don’t want to do the research project the other option is the law of organisations module, which was taught so you had workshops etc and ended with doing a 1500 word report. I’ve heard this module is quite good prep for the commercial modules on the LPC 📈 ▪️ #law #uni #lawstudent #ulaw #research #studygram

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