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📚mini GDL summary📚 ▪️ wish i could take a picture with all my books but sem 1s books are at my mums, and tbf i probably couldn’t hold them all 😂 ▪️ i’ve been getting a few questions about how i found the course, my favourite and least favourite modules etc so i thought i’d just summarise it here. but i will try to reply to my dms soon, it’s just been a busy week! ▪️ so there is a lot of work to do on the GDL especially at the start of each term where there is a lot of reading.. i still remember the breakdown i had on the second day thinking i’d never get a day off 😂 but in the end i took most weekends off, so it is possible to balance part-time jobs/social life alongside the GDL.. basically i guess what i’m saying is, it is hard but as long as you’re aware of that so you work hard to put in the hours needed to prep for workshops etc then u will still have time to do other things ▪️ also here is my ranking of the GDL modules, tbf there’s not much between them, there weren’t any i hated.. well, maybe contract 😂 fingers crossed i won’t have to retake that in august 🥴 1. Criminal Law 2. Land Law 3. Equity & Trusts 4. EU Law 5. Tort 6. Public Law 7. Contract Law 8. Ethics (only assessed by 1 essay) ▪️ #law #gdl #ulaw #lawstudent

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