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✨How I’m preparing for my advocacy exam✨ 💫Watch back my mock assessment- as uncomfortable as it is, that is going to be your best way to spot mistakes you’ve made. 💫Take into account any feedback I’ve been given- positive or negative! 💫Reading through my advocacy scenario carefully and looking out for points that will support my party’s case. I sometimes like to summarise points in note form on the document too so when referring to them they’re already in my own words. 💫Making a chronology of events. Even if some events are disputed, include them and make note of which party made that claim. 💫Identifying the specific causes of action and what is in dispute, this is key! We are usually given clauses in a contract that are in dispute but it all depends on your scenario. 💫Selecting carefully the relevant evidence that I am going to use to support my party’s case and direct the judge to. 💫Making a clear advocacy plan that sets out my points which I understand and can follow! I tend to write a detailed version first, learn that and then shorten it for the exam. 💫 Reading the assessment criteria. I like to read it the morning of my exam too to remind myself. 💫Practicing out loud, using my plan and bundle. I also pretend to direct the judge to the relevant document and pause to give them time to find it so this is more accurate when timing myself. 💫ON THE DAY: dress smartly and get in the zone. It’s easy to get nervous but have confidence in your abilities and remain professional. All your preparation is going to pay off✨ #advocacyexam #lpc #universityoflaw #ulaw #lawstudent #studytips #lawschool

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