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First week of semester two doneπŸ’« 🍎 All I had this week was three Lectures, one for each new module I’m starting. This semester I’m doing Employment Law, Family Law and Real Estate Law. 🍎 Even though these modules are expected to be more challenging, I picked Family Law and Real Estate Law as I might want to specialise in either in the future, and I picked employment law because it follows on nicely from contract law which I found challenging yet rewarding last year. 🍎 Getting back into the schedule of Lectures was a bit of a shock since the Christmas break was a month and a half long but I think I managed to handle the new content pretty well. 🍎 All I did this week was was focus on the lecture material I was given, review this and then prep for the Seminars which will follow the content given this coming week which are reflected in the two time lapses above. 🍎 Hopefully everyone has had a strong start to semester talk as well :) 🍎 #timelapse #timelapsestudy #timelapsestudywithme #studywithme #study #studygram #law #lawschool #lawstudent #lawlondonstudent #ulaw u_law ( posted on Instagram