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Studying on New Years Day 💫 🍎 I’ve found that studying for shorter but stricter periods is what works for me. I only studied for two 40 minute periods today yet I felt like I’d accomplished the most since this Christmas break started. I really enjoy watch time lapsed study videos so that’s hope I’m showing what I did today: ~ 1st video - Edited and Completed final draft for Part A of my business coursework. ~ 2nd video - Researched and planned first draft for Part B of my business coursework. 🍎 Tomorrow I’ve got the day off so I’m going to start my first draft for Business Part B on Sunday ;) 🍎 #timelapse #timelapsestudy #timelapsestudywithme #studywithme #study #studygram #law #lawschool #lawstudent #lawlondonstudent #ulaw u_law ( posted on Instagram