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u_law #uinspire #birmingham My chosen inspiration is Krissy Cela krissycela For completing her Law degree whilst building a large instagram following of 1.8 million people, developing successful fitness guides, working a job and Maintaining a successful YouTube Chanel all at the same time. She encourages all of her followers to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day and has helped so many achieve their fitness goals through her guidance. Her determination is inspiring and shows others that hard work pays off. Since graduating she has developed a hugely successful app toneandsculptapp which has had over 250k downloads since January. As well as this Krissy has a YouTube Chanel where she posts motivational videos giving people the confidence to succeed at their degree whilst also working extremely hard at a number of other interests as well. Krissy inspires me to reach my goal of becoming a qualified Solicitor by believing that my own hard work and determination will hopefully pay off. ( posted on Instagram