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Instagram shot by thehappysolicitor

The start of the month signals a time of reflection for me. New month= new goals They definitely don’t have to be all about law! Instead reflect on how you have been coping with change/life and what it is you want. Then think of actionable things that will help you get closer to that. For me, the start of the LPC has been really engaging but has left me feeling like I’ve lost a sense of routine! Late nights and the realisation there is always more to do can be all consuming! Therefore… My goals are: 1. A consistent evening routine 2. Adapt my weekly plan/schedule to accommodate for the way the LPC works 3. Take breaks that incorporate healthy habits/things that make me happy 😊 Starting today- this is a photo of me on a dog walk! I am always happiest out in nature- wherever I can find it 🍁 What are your goals for October? . . . #octobergoals #ulaw #lawyersofinstagram #lawlifebalance #mindfulness

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