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A few snaps from my graduation from u_law last week thebarbicancentre London. It was a really special day and so much more appreciated than my first graduation many years ago! It was especially lovely to be able to bring my eldest son Caleb along and to not only share that moment with him, but also hopefully to inspire him to want to be a graduate himself one day. I felt very privileged to share the day with my parents and petehowe79 - without whose practical and emotional support and encouragement, I couldn’t have got through such a demanding degree at this point in my life. To top it all off, I was able to attend my ceremony secure in the knowledge that in a couple of weeks I will take up my first legal post in a law firm - something I have worked hard to attain. Hard work does pay off eventually and I hope that Caleb will take that away from the day - together with just how inexplicably great it feels to wear those robes and that silly hat just for one day and all the dedication and commitment they signify. #ulawgrad #universityoflaw #properjobnext #lawyerlifebegins #maturestudent #grownupgraduates

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