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Celebrating an overall distinction in my Msc in law, business and management 🍾🍸 - After finishing the LPC, I received the opportunity to interview for a client secondment through my future firm (as my Training Contract doesn't start until 2021). - After I had a phone interview with the client, and I commenced work the last week of July. - Even though I didn't expect to start my legal career working from home, I am so grateful to have this opportunity and I hope to make the most of it. This is why I haven't been as active as I wish I could be. - Adapting to the graduate life and working from home can be overwhelming but I know I am not alone. So that's why I would like to start sharing what life after the lpc is like for me as I start my first legal role and get ready to commence my TC. - Hope you find this new series helpful and hopeful that you can achieve anything you want 😊 #lpclife #lawyer #lawyerblog #master #ulaw #lawblog #lawtina #solicitor #trainingcontract #paralegal #workfromhome #studygram #studying #grateful #internationalstudent #class2020

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