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The Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Scheme has officially come to a close! This week has been so eye opening. At the start of this week I had never seen any law-related presentations, done any case studies, didn’t know anyone in the field, and hadn’t yet been accepted onto my law conversion masters. Over the course of this week I’ve now heard from lawyers in the fields of litigation, pro bono and legal aid, environmental law, employment, insolvency, legal tech, and more. It was also very inspiring to see women established in their fields taking part in providing these presentations as well. I also became involved in the creation of the VirLaw Network (virlawnetwork) at the start of this week and now have friends in the field and no longer feel so lost when it comes to who I can talk to about law. The support from them has been so heart-warming, especially their congratulations when I received a conditional place to study the MA Law partway through this week. Hopefully this is just the start of my legal journey, and the vac scheme was a great way to briefly look at different aspects of the law. I filmed this whole week, so that shall be going up on my youtube channel at some point over the next few weeks! Thank you to legalcheek and u_law for running this scheme - it has been invaluable in helping me navigate the legal world as a non-law student.

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